Living in a different country..........

from my friends and my family, especially my kids, has often been nearly too much for me to bear but I often found that writing a letter to people, even if I didn't send it, made it easier for me to cope with the painful homesickness I was feeling.

That is why I decided to start this blog!!!

Are you ready for this?

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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Even more members

The forum is really starting to take off. I wrote that we had 119 members just two weeks ago and now we have 131 members. The word is getting out! We have a friendly forum where any member is willing to help out any other member with questions about "selling online" and if we don't know the answer, we will certainly try and find it!

A couple of months ago I joined our local "small business advice center" and I am pleased to say they have lots of valuable information and resources that can help any person wanting to sell online. In the area that I live there is also an opportunity to apply for a grant from the local council to help with 50% of the cost of start up business equipment. Make sure you check in your area for what might be available!
That's all for today but don't forget to check out the stores on the forum for Christmas bargains exclusive to the tssif members!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

I cannot believe I have not "blogged" since June! So much has changed since then.
I have moved back to the United Kingdom and I am trying to re-establish myself. I knew it wasn't going to be easy but I didn't realise quite HOW hard, it was going to be. In my spare time I am continuing to build my three new stores which have become quite a challenge too. I am using the open source shopping zencart and it isn't for the faint hearted or the newbie!!! I am both of those but I forbid myself to be beaten by this. This determination I have is one of the reasons I opened my forum To help others like myself, to share information and support each other in our endeavours to have our own online shopping cart no matter how challenging that might be!!!
I am really pleased with the continuing success of our online selling resource forum. We now have 119 members and tons of helpful tips, links, resources, opinions and information. It has only been 'live" for seven months and has completely exceeded my expectations. Lots of friendly people willing to help one another and have fun at the same time.
Now things are settling down for me a little I am in better position to write more and share my "breaking news as it happens".....LOL

Saturday, 23 June 2007

70 Members & Counting

Here I was, only a few days earlier, getting excited about the fact that we had 50 members already..Today we have 70. We must be doing something right :). I do know I have some really knowledgeable and committed moderators and I think that is a big part of our success. It is only just over two months old. So far we have a blend that seems to be working. Come on over and see what YOU think of us.
It was created for online store holders to network and share resources and tips but EVERY like-minded soul is welcome!!!!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Totally Shameless & Self Indulgent

I had a bit of an identity crisis with my new forum. I called it Totally Shameless Self Indulgent Forum, which I loved but the domain it resided at was
So there began the crisis.
I knew it didn't flow :( it was case of either associating the forum name with a new forum domain, or going full pelt with "peggybob"!!
I have a personal affection for peggybob, which may be uncovered in my ramblings at a later date :) but I already had a blog "hinged" to it so I think I knew that wouldn't fly!
I put the question to the members "shall we stick with "peggybob" or would something like "tssif" be more appropriate?"
We were divided!!!
Some liked peggybob because it was easy to remember and now familiar!
and some preferred tssif, as it "connected" with the forum more and was better from a marketing standpoint!

It took a couple of days to ponder but commonsense prevailed and I logical chose tssif rather than peggybob ahhhh

So new..."well adjusted" forum at !!!!

I "launched" my forum on 15th April with 6 members, dragged off the streets :)
Today June 12th we have 49 members, which isn't too shabby as I didn't start promoting until recently just because of the issue of the identity crises....

So if you are a non-auction store holder or you own an independent shop online, then stop by and register so you can advertise your store and help to get tssif on the map.

Alternatively, if you don't have a store and you just want to be "Totally Shameless & Self Indulgent" then stop by and be just that!!!!!

Thursday, 19 April 2007

My Allotment Journey Begins

I have just required an allotment plot in Yorkshire UK. It was a surprise for Christmas from my daughter,(you can read about that here i wont be able to do much as I am only here for two weeks. I shall return before the end of the year and throw myself into it. It is full of weeds and the old greenhouse needs attention but I cannot wait to get started. I went today and mapped out the boundry with some string and wood posts and I took some pictures. Unfortunately I had my camera on the wrong setting so shall remedy that tomorrow when I return. I would dearly love to go fully organic but I don't think I know enough about it yet. I am hoping I get some really great advice from some seasoned organic gardeners!!
I am going to create a web site solely for the purpose of my allotment journey so look out for that. If anyone knows of any good resources for what I am about to embark on then please let me have them!!!!

Sunday, 15 April 2007

My new Forum

So far so good for Godaddy, they seem to have really good customer support and there is nothing that I am unhappy with up to now.
I have been working on my new website for my new store and alongside that I have created a new forum for networking and my general interests.
It is in it's infancy but take a look and if you like the "flavour" then please join us and offer your advice and suggestions.
Apart from boards about online selling, we have other topics which include, history, crafts, seo and RSS feeds, picture framing, photography, gardening & allotments to name a few.
We are looking for moderators for the various boards so if something peaks your interest then let me know and we shall see what we can do!!!

This linkwill take you straight to the forum,
and this link will take you to the enter page

Friday, 30 March 2007

Finally moved over to Godaddy

After feeling a little frustrated with my old hosting company. I decided to take a leap and move to!
I had heard good and bads reports about them but mostly good.
So far I am completely content.
What I do like is the fact that I am able to have some of my domains added to my main domain that appear as independent websites and show all the page urls. I know the disadvantage of that can be that I could run out of space. If that happens, then I must be doing well and should be able to afford to buy hosting for my other domains :).
I have been able to get through to godaddy's support on the phone every time I have called and everything they have done, or told me to do, has turned out to be the correct thing to do.
I love the fact that I have been able to install wordpress blog, zencart open source e-commerce solutions and simple machine forums, effortlessly and seamlessly through godaddy.
I have already been working on my forum so if you want to stop by and join then here is the url

Monday, 19 March 2007

How I spend my day!

It is a good job that I don't have a 9 to 5 job with my health yoyoing as it is at the moment!
I actually work more than 8 hours each day but do it when my health allows me to, rather than within a certain time frame!
I am not going to bore people with my health issues at this time but would like to focus this post on my daily existance.
I run two businesses at the moment. We have a property rental business and a 'young' online store. I have sold some things since I began and I am getting better at marketing my online store every day. My knowledge base is growing in leaps and bounds and I see online selling as the key to my future. I am already making plans for a new store called Store Revolution to operate out of the UK, whereas LJ Stores is currently operating out of the US.
I am the process of changing over my hosting company and transferring some of my domains to another registrar that I hope will better serve my needs.
Another thing which has been uppermost in my mind just lately is importing things from the US to the UK or vice versa. I have done a lot of searching in and and it is amazing what it can teach a person about the demand of certain products.
I do have some really cool products which are vintage and collectible in nature so if your are a collectable freak then be sure to bookmark my store and keep a look out for new and unique items.

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Frustrations and the web!

I have spent the last 4 days trying to get my Blog situated in it's own little corner of the world.
I feel very let down by my web host and registrar. I have advocated the services of for almost 2 years and given them repeated business but I feel utterly let down by them.
I have been their advocate almost from the moment I joined, telling people they were the ultimate in customer service! I realise after all this time I have just been lucky.
I am not technically minded and I have loved the fact that any issues I have had in the past, have been sympathetically and comprehensively attended to.
Not so just recently.
I have found out that it is more about these folks wanting to "strut their stuff" rather than actually reading your emails and answering your specific questions directly.
I am fatally disillusioned and have moved on!
I really hate to criticise people/things but feel I no longer have a choice!
Lets look upon this as a review (I can handle that)
If you do decide on to register your domain or host your site then you cannot go wrong by asking for John De Santis.
He is Gem!
To all the guys that alerted me to the fact that my blog showed an "error" I thank you!
It's still "erroring" to the public right now but that does not stop me from venting!!
Happy Webmastering!

Here is a snippet into the history of the last 4 days............

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Web Design & Imaging

Web Design & Imaging
I absolutely love building web sites for myself and my family.
I am on to my 8th web site which I hand coded but unfortunately I am not that good at it.
I am acutely aware of my limitations and know that this is something I am desperate to rectify as soon as I can get myself in one place to start a course.
Here is my Totally Shameless Self Indulgent Blog post for my ramblings on web design & imaging and useful related resources.


I love crafts, just like a lot of people but yet again, I have not had the time to hardly do anything 'crafty'. I have lots of crafting materials and I collect interesting objects and textures all the time, just waiting for the day I get settled.
I love polymer clay and would love to make my own paper, candlemaking, pottery, crochet and knitting are all things I would love to have a go at amongst others.
Here is my Totally Shameless Self Indulgent Blog post for my ramblings on crafts and useful related resources

Photography & Picture Framing

Photography & Picture Framing
I am a rotten photographer but it doesn't stop me from appreciating the work of others. I am very envious of people who can churn out one decent picture after another.
It is my desire to learn the fundamentals of photography in the very near future.
When I first left school I got a a job in an art and picture framing shop and I always loved it. I used to help out in the picture framing dept and I have always wanted to do it again.
Last year I returned to the UK in the hope of starting my own picture framing bus' but because of circumstances beyond my control, I had to return to the USA before I could get set up.
Here is my Totally Shameless Self Indulgent Blog post for my ramblings on photography & picture framing and useful related resources.

Gardening & Allotments

I have always loved gardening but haven't been able to do it for the last 4 years because of various reason to do with the climate here in America, in the South.

Mosquitoes love me, I don't like snakes and when you can't breath because of the heat, you tend lose your enthusiasm for gardening!

Here is my Totally Shameless Self Indulgent Blog page for my ramblings on gardening & allotments and useful related resources.