Living in a different country..........

from my friends and my family, especially my kids, has often been nearly too much for me to bear but I often found that writing a letter to people, even if I didn't send it, made it easier for me to cope with the painful homesickness I was feeling.

That is why I decided to start this blog!!!

Are you ready for this?

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Thursday, 19 April 2007

My Allotment Journey Begins

I have just required an allotment plot in Yorkshire UK. It was a surprise for Christmas from my daughter,(you can read about that here i wont be able to do much as I am only here for two weeks. I shall return before the end of the year and throw myself into it. It is full of weeds and the old greenhouse needs attention but I cannot wait to get started. I went today and mapped out the boundry with some string and wood posts and I took some pictures. Unfortunately I had my camera on the wrong setting so shall remedy that tomorrow when I return. I would dearly love to go fully organic but I don't think I know enough about it yet. I am hoping I get some really great advice from some seasoned organic gardeners!!
I am going to create a web site solely for the purpose of my allotment journey so look out for that. If anyone knows of any good resources for what I am about to embark on then please let me have them!!!!

Sunday, 15 April 2007

My new Forum

So far so good for Godaddy, they seem to have really good customer support and there is nothing that I am unhappy with up to now.
I have been working on my new website for my new store and alongside that I have created a new forum for networking and my general interests.
It is in it's infancy but take a look and if you like the "flavour" then please join us and offer your advice and suggestions.
Apart from boards about online selling, we have other topics which include, history, crafts, seo and RSS feeds, picture framing, photography, gardening & allotments to name a few.
We are looking for moderators for the various boards so if something peaks your interest then let me know and we shall see what we can do!!!

This linkwill take you straight to the forum,
and this link will take you to the enter page