Living in a different country..........

from my friends and my family, especially my kids, has often been nearly too much for me to bear but I often found that writing a letter to people, even if I didn't send it, made it easier for me to cope with the painful homesickness I was feeling.

That is why I decided to start this blog!!!

Are you ready for this?

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Saturday, 5 April 2008

Nearly a year on.

It has been a whole year since I first began the Totally Shameless Self Indulgent Forum. I had no idea whether it would succeed or fail but I had an open mind and wanted to see if I could fill a gap. There didn't seem that was many forums out there that were designed to help small business owners wanting to create their own independent web sites.
Today we have over 200 members, over 10000 posts and many great members willing to help other store owners realise their dream of owning their own store. I could not be more proud of the the Tssif members for their help and commitment to the Tssif forum and I look forward to another great year of growth, help and success.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Happy New Year

Gosh, what a crazy year 2007 was!!! 2008 is slightly better so far but not by
I did manage to relocate back to the UK, I did manage to find somewhere to live despite the flooding leaving the rental market choked with more tenants than houses. I did manage to find part time employment and I am finally finding the time to finish off the 3 stores I started to build before I left the USA. Things didn't turn out exactly as I expected them to but they rarely do anyway. (I should know this at my age :))but it hasn't deflated my enthusiasm or swerved me away from my goals..I just need to work that little bit harder.
One thing that has been a positive for me is the online selling forum I created last April. It now has 154 members and continues to grow, despite my sporadic appearances. It is true that we need more active posters but the most encouraging thing is that we are getting new members weekly from somewhere. There is no doubt in my mind we are getting exposure (the stats confirm this) but we need more if we are to continue to grow. If you are interested in selling online and need some advice, or, if you have already succeeded in your online business and want to share your knowledge with others, then drop by and spend some time getting to know the members on the forum.
It is an easy place to be. Hope you decide to stay! Check out the forum here!