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from my friends and my family, especially my kids, has often been nearly too much for me to bear but I often found that writing a letter to people, even if I didn't send it, made it easier for me to cope with the painful homesickness I was feeling.

That is why I decided to start this blog!!!

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Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Totally Shameless & Self Indulgent

I had a bit of an identity crisis with my new forum. I called it Totally Shameless Self Indulgent Forum, which I loved but the domain it resided at was
So there began the crisis.
I knew it didn't flow :( it was case of either associating the forum name with a new forum domain, or going full pelt with "peggybob"!!
I have a personal affection for peggybob, which may be uncovered in my ramblings at a later date :) but I already had a blog "hinged" to it so I think I knew that wouldn't fly!
I put the question to the members "shall we stick with "peggybob" or would something like "tssif" be more appropriate?"
We were divided!!!
Some liked peggybob because it was easy to remember and now familiar!
and some preferred tssif, as it "connected" with the forum more and was better from a marketing standpoint!

It took a couple of days to ponder but commonsense prevailed and I logical chose tssif rather than peggybob ahhhh

So new..."well adjusted" forum at !!!!

I "launched" my forum on 15th April with 6 members, dragged off the streets :)
Today June 12th we have 49 members, which isn't too shabby as I didn't start promoting until recently just because of the issue of the identity crises....

So if you are a non-auction store holder or you own an independent shop online, then stop by and register so you can advertise your store and help to get tssif on the map.

Alternatively, if you don't have a store and you just want to be "Totally Shameless & Self Indulgent" then stop by and be just that!!!!!

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Retro Attic said...

Thanks for starting the new forum! I like it!